Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy, Mommy Thyself

We Myalgia Mommies may not be helicopter parents, mostly because it hurts too much to hover, but we can set small goals that help us be better parents. For example, we will strive to have changed out of our Hello Kitty pajamas by the time the kids get home from school. We will shower at least once a week to teach our children the importance of good hygiene. We will keep our medications out of the reach of tiny hands. (We don't want the little sh!ts raiding our stash). Most importantly, we will make every effort to do a better job of taking care of ourselves. Because we can't be the Mommies our children need us to be unless we mommy ourselves a little bit first. So go ahead and get that massage or that pedicure. Take that well-deserved nap. Buy yourself flowers. Or walk to Starbuck's, then reward yourself with a Java Chip Frappuccino. And if you ask us nicely, we'll share our secret horde of Reese's Cups with you. Let us know how you mommy yourself by posting a comment or emailing us at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We've established that chronic pain sucks! Unfortunately, unless you want to tell your child, "Mommy is broken today," you have to constantly push through it (or come up with some really good excuses). Apparently, you can't just tell a kid to f@#k off. They just keep coming back to bug you. So get your ass out of bed, grab your bunny slippers and your sense of humor, and come with us on this adventure we call Parenting through the Pain.

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