Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Happy Fun Sick Person

Last week I was hit by a rogue flare and couldn't move from my chair.

I feel obligated to be a happy fun sick person. I don't want my daughter to grow up and have memories of her mother the wilting invalid always complaining and talking about her latest symptom.

Also, as I spend time with more mothers I find that it is not just me with a headache and some of us are stronger than others. (Also some do more for their kids than others).

So when I have days where I am melting into my chair I find ways to be happy and fun for my girls. This chronic illness can't color their childhoods anything but richer because they had my fuller attention.

Today is misty and rainy and that happy fun way is going to include Fairies.

Last week the birdhouse we built a year ago fell off the tree. The glue had worn away. I'm up cycling it into a Fairy house with the baby later today. Or so goes my ambition. I know I'm not leaving the house until the afternoon riding lesson. If I conserve my energy for one big push we can take my tween out to ride her pony and the baby and I will walk around the farm. We can also unload the 30 ft of pine shavings that I'm driving around with. I feel like I'm in the horse mafia. I have enough pine shavings to make a fort!

At the feed store this morning I initially bought three bushels of pine, Ms. Daisy, my retired K-9 police car has an amazing trunk and is filled with a stroller and six bushels of pine shavings with room to spare. If police departments have to sell old cars to raise money, at least they make great family vehicles. Also, all the guys were impressed by the rims. I have no idea why, since they are black and not shiny.

Also, I bought myself a plant. Gardening is a hobby I reserve for myself that everyone appreciates having around them. At some point today, or maybe this evening, I'll pot my plant and watch it bloom, while I smile and encourage and gather strength to be the happy fun Mom who is not going to complain about her symptoms.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gift from a reader: Sugar Spa Day at Home!

Editors Note: The following recipe was sent to Myalgia Mommies by Michelle Pino. She suggested that we might enjoy a simple, all natural spa treatment that we could make and use at home. 
My tween daughter made a version of a sugar scrub at a sleepover and I'm excited to try it. The all natural scrub was her "Peace offering" after she brought home some body spray she bought with friends at the mall and I made her leave it on the porch. Many bath and beauty products contain chemicals that trigger headaches for me. Among Myalgia Mommies I meet I find this to be a shared experience. I know some days finding time for a shower is a struggle, but when you do, here is a little tip to glam up your day!

Get Spring Ready Skin with This Simple DIY Body Scrub

Don’t you just love seeing the grass turn green, watching flowers blossom and the feel of the sun shining down on you? Sunshine is a rare thing during the winter months here in Central New York, but there’s plenty of it to look forward to come spring and summer. While spring brings all the things we love, one thing most people don’t look forward to is revealing the dull, dry skin winter has covered up.

This time of year, dry skin is a major focus of treatments at our spa in Central New York. We use a combination of natural ingredients, including organic products and fresh herbs to treat wintered skin. Fortunately, you can find many of the same ingredients we use at the spa right in your own home, or with a quick trip to your local grocery store!

This easy, inexpensive DIY body scrub is the perfect way to prep for the tank tops, sundresses and flip-flops of spring in the comfort of your own home! You can find all of these items in the baking section of your local grocery store.  

1 c. White Granulated Sugar
½ c. Almond Oil
4-6 drops Lavander Essential Oil

Place the sugar in a mixing bowl and slowly add almond oil. Use a metal spoon to blend the ingredients to produce an even textured scrub. Break up any large clumps you see. You can use less or more of the oil, just make sure your scrub is not too soupy and avoid dissolving the sugar granuals.  

Apply the scrub to warm, clean skin in the shower. Use your hands to massage it in using circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and pat yourself dry with a soft, clean towel. I don’t recommend using this scrub on your face because it may be too coarse.

And that's it! You have beautiful spring ready skin in two simple steps!

Sugar scrubs are easy to make and you can use them any time of year! Experiment with different essential oils to get a scent that is perfect for you!

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