Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mommie Blogger FAIL and Insight!

If you see me in real life my baby is wearing leg warmers. It is not me having a childhood flashback. She is in a cast.

It's a long story but most things involving parenting are. Mommies have a different road. My poor baby just woke up. She cant stay asleep for her naps because of the cast.

We were at the hospital on October 13, with a 13 month old baby and I was sending emails about a 2013 calendar as a fundraising project.

I had to call in a refill on a "break thru" drug and it said refill untill "7/13" so I called the parmacist thinking it was 14/Ocotober/14. Im so tired, I am time traveling.

I wanted to post that on facebook but my husband said it just sounded weird and I should go to bed.

That pretty much is how I feel about blogging about being a Mom who suffers from some form of Chronic Pain. The more I grow up, research, make deeper connections to other women, the more I realize that most of us have some major issue in life that is chronic pain.

My really deep thought for the day is that I met a woman who has a husband who is being tested to determine what his chronic pain is being caused by. They have 3 teenage girls. That's heavy lifting. So I met a myalgia mommie by proxy because she is reading all the tests with her husband and probably understands more medical terms.

My other deep thought is that all the research from every disease keeps coming back to one thing: healthy sleep patterns.

My blogging time is when my baby girl is taking her mid morning nap and my house is not a biohazard. That can be a narrow window. We live dangerous lives. Also, need more sleep.

I feel like I did one good deed today. I reminded the myalgia mommy I met to check her husband for vitamin D levels. Often just a piece of the puzzle but they don't check it in men. My amazing island Doctor taught me that.

If you read this, and have had a child in a cast, please feel free to post tips for keeping her entertained and cleanish!



  1. Hi there!

    I have a quick question about your blog! Please email me when you get a chance.


    1. Melanie,

      I sent you an email and my reply is listed below.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi,

    You left a post on my blog: Myalgia Mommies.

    We are always looking for guest bloggers and to link other blogs.

    If your question is whether or not cancer counts as myalgia the answer is does cancer hurt? YES YES YES! Chemo makes you really tired. Surgery requires bed rest, I think you know more about this than me!

    My goal with this blog is to make an on-line community for mothers who are dealing with pain and medical issues but are still raising children. Staying positive and loving in a tough time can be trying but as Mommies we all want to kiss our children every night, tuck them in, tell them we love them and that in the morning the world will be fresh, new, wonderful and ready for them to conquer.

    When I am in pain or have a migraine, it's hard to tell my daughter that she lives in paradise. I do it anyway. We all do.

    This blog is a place where we can go after we tuck the kids in and say "Seriously" "there are no migraines in paradise!"



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