Friday, February 15, 2013

Botox for inner Beauty and Perfection

The day before Valentines Day I miraculously was able to get a same day appointment with my neurologist. She is basically my primary care doctor, she works for a chronic pain and headache clinic, has a young daughter and I love her.

Since the appointment was made with only a few hours to get ready I brought my baby in with me. No time to find a sitter, I'm new in town. Honestly. I just don't trust many other people with my children. Dr. Alice (my pseudonym since she looks like Heather Graham or a grown up Alice in Wonderland❤) counseled me through my pregnancy, nursing, weaning and has heard about the babe at each step. She was charmed by her in person.

My Valentines surprise treatment was one that used to be an expensive and elaborate process. Now it is common practice and this week I was able to get injections to help my TMJ too.(I honestly don't know what TMJ stands for- I call it terrible mouth joint!) Without even getting undressed, while the nurse distracted my babe, I was given over a dozen Botox injections. Hopefully, these injections at the trigger points will hold off all migraines for the next three months. The best Valentine possible.

The Botox leaves my forehead perfect and smooth. It will take a few days to take effect and I have a migraine until then. I love the irony that I get to look great while I am in pain. As I wait for it to work I will try to stay as peaceful as possible. If you read the classification Botox is a neurotoxin. I'm excited because my doctor injected a neurotoxin in the base of my skull. Pain makes us do desperate things.

We did have a lovely Valentines Day. This time of year many mental health problems rear and we have been spared. Instead our evening was truly perfect. As I put my roses in a vase, I whispered to my husband that we were making things difficult for whoever dates our daughters.

I hope this post finds everyone warm and well.

CVW your Valentine is in my car❤


  1. Not a mommy, but I understand chronic pain (myofascial pain syndrome for 5 years now). I blog @ and

  2. Hi Rosalind,

    Thanks for stopping by. I also suffer from myofascial pain syndrome and have for the past decade, it's on my laundry list of diagnosis.

    Please keep Myalgia Mommies on your radar. Many of our tips for living with chronic pain overlap and we are all about sharing. Not to be too personal, but you never know when you could join our club and become a Myalgia Mommie too.

    I was diagnosed with my chronic conditions after the birth of my first daughter and it took me about five years of adjusting my lifestyle, educating myself and meeting other amazing women to realize that I could have another child and be a mother with my conditions.

    There is anecdotal evidence, including my own story, that while you are pregnant and nursing the hormones relax all muscles and do alleviate myofacial pain for a few brief months.

    Good luck on your journey,



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