Thursday, May 30, 2013

The MM Garden Delivers

This time last year I was moving into my current home and began what little gardening I do at the urging of CVW, the other original MM.

We were both limited by time and energy to the amount of gardening we were willing to do but urged each other into planting patio containers.

At my house the gardening spread around the patio and I had to create a criteria for what flowers I could plant. My baby ate everything. My options were a summer of panic and poison control or an all edible flower garden. We have marigolds.

I also grow a few kitchen herbs and really whatever strikes our fancy (and is edible, we have pets too) when we are at the garden store.

Compared to real gardeners, I am somewhere below a beginner. However, my gardening gives me some relaxing time and a small hobby so I'm claiming it. I cherish my small collection of pots.

It's already warming up and the garden has given me a great gift: water.

I don't like to drink water.

I pretend that I really enjoy it and have been trying to convince myself that nothing is as refreshing as a cool glass of water for years. I prefer coffee.

In the summer my body needs water, we all do, without any harmful additives or extra sugar. So do the kids.

A yoga instructor posted on Facebook that she was ready for a heat wave with herb infused water from her garden. Inspired, I looked around the patio and found mint.

It works!

Since there are few new ideas, if you search "mint infused water" there are recipes, photos and even a video.

Directions: pull some mint leaves off the plant. Put the mint in a pitcher of water. Leave in fridge overnight.

This summer I'm drinking more water, as long as the mint holds up. At least I will try to because I know when headaches come the first question you ask is if you have been drinking enough water.

As I Mom and a migraine sufferer, I know they are dehydrated and I will usually have to think about my answer.

So here's a minty toast wishing you a healthy, hydrated summer. If you have a favorite easy thing to add to water please share in the comments.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hiding in the Bathroom

Last night I had a mello dramatic confrontation with my tween and a brilliant new idea.

My husband was working late and I found myself seated across from two girls over my usual first dinner of the night of cheese pasta and dark, you-will-eat-it, steamed, veggies. The baby and I noticed that my daughter asked to go to the bathroom twice during dinner and seemed to be eating quickly.

I asked her if she felt alright. Concerned, I remembered that she said her head hurt when she came home. She said she was fine. Seemed normal. In fact my daughter had a sparkle in her eye.

As soon as she finished eating and cleared her plate I asked her to do something and she replied that she needed to go use the bathroom first.

A few minutes later even the baby was suspicious.

We knocked on the bathroom door to find her playing on Instagram with her friends.

She told me that some of her friends moms go in the bathroom to use the phone all the time. They talk about it at school.

She lost her phone rights for a few days.

I may have gained a sanctuary. (Also wish these other moms had shared this tip.)

One of the characteristics of Mothers I have known is not knowing how to ask for help. Or take a moment for themselves.

As a mother with a pain disorder if I don't find a way to prioritize some self care I won't be able to care for them. I need to own this and take time, not have to hide in the bathroom.

I just need to find more time.

I may be writing this blog from my bathroom floor.


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