Monday, April 23, 2012

Anna-Lisa Finally Speaks

As the Myalgia Mommy who hasn't posted yet because I am too busy dealing with my beautiful 11 year old and her pony and my amazing little 7 month baby who daily fill my life with love, I fully agree with the letter we received from a reader. Having kids rocks!

I have had severe, disabling fibromyalgia since about 1999, the year before my oldest daughter was born. I also suffer from chronic daily migraines that I started getting in Kindergarden. I have spent months in bed and gone as far as Kerala, India to find a good treatment.

It's the sleep deprivation and nursing that is killing me these days. I'm only able to take B, D, cal/mag and prenatal vitamins because I am nursing. Every few weeks I get broken down and have to take migraine meds and pump and dump the milk. Both the baby and Daddy hate those days!

Some days lifting the 30 pound carseat onto the stroller kills me. But I'm having fun.

This blog is about advice, like go to the drive thru zoo! Hours of amazing fun with very little heavy lifting!

Also, when the kids aren't in the car, it's fun - and therapeutic for me - to bitch a little!


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