Thursday, April 5, 2012

Myalgia Mommies Need a (Spring) Break

We Myalgia Mommies are so proud of ourselves for surviving the first half of what is one of the most challenging weeks of the year - Spring Break! Despite rolling out of bed every morning feeling like our bones are made of lead, we think we've managed to provide our kids with a pretty nice little stay-cation. We've organized Easter crafts, planted sunny Spring flowers and caught fish in a local pond. But perhaps our greatest achievement so far was a road trip to a tiny gem hidden off the back roads near Mooresville, NC. If you are a Myalgia Mommy living near Charlotte, NC, consider yourself lucky that you are within thirty minutes of the Lazy 5 Ranch, a small, drive-thru animal park filled with exotic animals that you can feed from the safety of your car. Our kids range in age from thirteen years to seven months, but all the kids LOVED the Lazy 5. Feeding ostriches and emus, Watusi cattle and zebu, petting llamas and oryx, and dodging the tongues of Scotch Highland cattle had them screaming with laughter. The food was flying but so was the fun. Around each bend was a new species that the kids tried to lure to their car window with the promise of a delicious treat, and most of the animals were happy to oblige. Those that didn't were so fun to watch that we didn't mind that the zebras and giraffes turned up their noses at our offerings. Best of all, since most of the animal park is drive-thru, our Myalgia Mommy bodies were spared the wear and tear of a traditional zoo. Granted, when you factor in our two and a half hour drive, it was still a long day for everyone, but we Myalgia Mommies feel it was totally worth it. If you are interested, check out the Lazy 5 at this link: We'd love to hear about your experiences, or how other Myalgia Mommies occupy their kids during Spring Break. Leave us a comment or email us at You can also follow us on Facebook.

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