Sunday, August 26, 2012

Civil Union Mediation

Feel free to use this outline. If it helps you, send me $. If you don't have any extra $ use it with my blessing.

1. Custody
1.a. Mother primary custody
1.a.1. Week on/ week off not good for well being of children.
1.a.1.a. Children need a primary residence Mon.-Fri. For emotional growth
1.a.1.b. mother will reasonably accommodate all visitation requests
1.a.1.c. Weekends and holidays TBD
2. Healthcare
2.a. Mother will insure child.
2.a.1. Responsible for all well child pediatric visits.
2.a.2 F will be informed/consulted when major medical issues arise.
2.a.3. F will reimburse M for 50% of all HC expenses.
3. School
3.a. Child will attend Public School
3.b. M will notify F of all school events and conferences
3.c. Until age of public school, a ore-K program will be used.
3.c.1. Choice of Pre-k is Montessori method.
3.c.1.a. F will pay 50% of school fees.
4. Child Support
4.a. F will pay 30% of income or $1k/month
5. Mutual assets
5.a. House to M (she owns it)
5.b. debt
5.b.1 M will provide court w accounting of mutual debt. F to pay 50% of all outstanding mutual debt.
5.c. Other assets
5.c.1. Parties will retain all assets they brought to marriage.

6. Fees
6.a. If Father wishes to challenge the above agreement he will be responsible for attorney and court fees incurred in dispute.

7. Amendments
7.a. This agreement can be amended by mutual agreement of M & F.

The End

Divorce Mediation is easy!

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