Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi Myalgia Mommies.

Sorry I haven't been sharing my funny stories with you. Life is good. Follow me on twitter at @islandannaland. It is where I am queen.

Really funny stuff happens to me!

Like I wrote up a page to use for my LLC so I can bill people. The I get to join the working myalgia mommies club (which is HUGE!).

So read my Letter to My Daughters

Read my letter to you.

It's all on blogger at One Dead Mother.

I know the name is kinda tacky, but I was really tired.
(see purpose of this blog. I need more than the 5 hours of sleep I am getting. Side effects include excessive usage of social media to say nothing!)

So, please, if you are surfing, check me out.

But not like that, my husband is my hero.

Just like Ayn Rand.

Read more.


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  1. I changed the name from One Dead Mother to Anna-Lisa Johanson, JD-MPH.

    Its not a blog. It's my office!



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