Saturday, August 11, 2012

Letter to My Daughters

This letter is to my Daughters:

1. This is where Mommy works. It is a really sad place.
2. Big Sissy is on the phone with me now. Our 11 year old daughter is at Polox Made Simple Camp with her Pony Dreamer. It is raining. Sheela is camping. Sheela, you want to come home from PMS Camp because of Mother Nature. You don't get the joke because you are only 11. Please stop reading Mommies blogs. They are sadder than PMS in the rain.
3. Mimi, in order for me to write this, you are being babysat by Blowfeld, our white german dwarf hamster. If he gives you the plaugue, well, that's daycare for you!
4. Mommy loves you.
5. Mommies Mommy died of sadness. It is Mommy's job to make sure other Mommies don't ever die of sadness. We know how to detect, treat, prevent and in most cases cure sadness.
6. This is really sad. Worse than Beaches. You should stop reading now.
7. Seriously, get off the computer.
8. I have set the parental controls so you can only have 2 hours a day.
9. Do your homework.
10. Go play on horse.
11. Stop reading about my day job.
12. It's really sad.
13. Times up!

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