Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Daily List

The Office is open. Please stop calling me. 

Down another rabbit hole. 

If I am working with a client, I refer to the project as being down another rabbit hole. If you call me and I keep saying down another rabbit hole it means that I am working on someone else's dime and feel like I am being rude to them. I am ridiculously ethical. I want to teach ethics!

This is my to do list. 

1. Write blog
1.a How many blogs?
1.a.1 Can I post the same thing on all of my blogs?
1.a.2 Will anyone notice and/or care?
2. SLR Vaccinations
2.a. is D-TAP up to date?
2.a.1 Way to go hippie parent who brought pertussis to camp!
2.a.1.a Sheela makes me pay her to get shots. 
2.a.1.a.1 So her vaccine record is in hard copy in the form of webkins. 
2.b What is going on with these pigs this year?
2.b.1 We did the CDC HINI Program on STX in 2010 with 6 mo. booster.
2.b.2 Is it safe to go to the NC State Fair this year?
2.b.2.a Is this H1N2 or are we good?
2.b.2.b Will some kid give my new baby a disease from a pig?
2.b.2.c STOP TOUCHING PIGS!!!!!!
2.b.2.c.1 You have to pay me to touch a pig. I am immune suppressed. 
3.a. Contact SS School
3.a.1 Figure out how to email Counselor her records.
3.a.1.a Remind Sheela that she is good at math. I have proof. 
4.a. MER swim class
4.b.1 Call Parks and Rec
4.b.2. Pick a class
4.b.3. Sign-up
4.b.4. Remember to show up!
5. Insert Marx reference here for highbrow/well read crowd
6. Figure out a way to get paid.
6.a.1 Stop taking Pro-Bono Cases
6.a.1.a I told you on twitter that we are operating at 50% pro-bono
7. Wait for verdict to come in
7.a. He will call as soon as the judge reads it
7.a.1 Go USA DOJ!
8. Pack for beach
8.a. Do I need a boat at this beach?
9. Clean House
10.Clean car
11. Pay Debts

Did anyone else notice how we just went in a big circle?
Down Another Rabbit Hole!

ps Plan Mimi's B-Day Party
Note to self: Where is Meme

1 comment:

  1. Still waiting to know if this year we have H1N2 swine flu?
    Will catch up on my reading at the beach!


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