Sunday, August 5, 2012

Message from Deanna

Well, that blog has started somewhat of a life of its own and the women who are part of it all have their personal stories, including me. My friend, who is simply wonderful, has offered to do some documentary photos and then once I reunited with my children is gracious enough to go a family photo shoot. Karen Gilbrande (i i am pretty sure that i misspelled that and i ap
ologize) you are truly an amazing person with a huge heart and i can't thank you enough. But, like all the other fantastic people who have rallied around me, i promise you will get a surprise from me.

As for the blog, please keep checking in because we update constantly, and it will also give you information on the book that we are working on. I can't believe how many people across the world who have been moved by it, and they are so thankful because for the first time for many of them, they can get help, someone will hear them and they don't feel so alone. I am truly thankful for all the readers, people that comment and especially to my sister/friend Anba-Lisa who started the blog. So tell your friends, co-workers, family even strangers about us and how we can help or they can help us by becoming part of this fantastic blogging community. Much love and light to you all, and thank you to all my friend on Facebook who have called or messaged me, and for getting the word out about this amazing blog. Much love!


  1. You're story will make a difference and the light is coming your way!


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