Sunday, August 26, 2012

MM Health Alert

Hi fellow Myalgia Mommies, we are under a few public health red alerts that I wanted to share with you.

On the East Coast and South there is a nasty West Nile Virus going around (in St. Croix our mosquito bourn disease is Dengue Fever, 1in 3 die, others call it the "bone break fever. The symptoms basically are the same for my fibromyalgia so I was not sympathetic to nurses who had it and whined about being in pain!)

Please cover yourself and your kids in bug spray. The West Nile is getting into a death count.

The second warning applies to everyone who comes into contact with pigs. Swine flu is going around. You can get an H1N1 vaccine ordered thru your pharmacy or primary care doctor. Dying from Swine Flu is just silly. I'm just avoiding pigs (except in the form of meat!) but my kid got the vaccine in 2010.

Third warning, this is local to NC, we have had to put several horses, a few dozen dogs and more to sleep for rabies. Even the baby is now current for rabies. The treatment is painful if you get to the point where you are foaming at the mouth, they put you in a medically induced coma.

Lately I have been working in West Coast time zone, living with a baby on the East Coast. I need more sleep.

Finally, please don't start any fires.

This is the end of Myalgia Mommies public health warnings for Labor Day Weekend.


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