Saturday, August 25, 2012

MM support each other, with clothes!

Today at University Mall Fleming of Fleming Clothing is having her first warehouse sale with a Migraine!

She is awesome! She designs the clothes, has the all organic adorable prints sewn in her NC factory. Today she is selling each left over item for $5 so come get ur kids adorable clothes!



  1. Fleming will ship for free!

    Back to school shopping done!

    Local, organic and made by a MM!

    Can I say winning yet?


  2. Winter is so cold, only moncler jackets can keep warm , we provide you warm monclers for people all ages and cheap price.

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  4. I looked at your site. Those jackets look warm and have a great price.

    We featured and always promote Fleming because I met her on a day when she was having a migraine while selling her amazing clothes that she designed, supervised construction of, sold and shipped all with migraines!I asked her to guest write a blog for Myalgia Mommies but she also writes her website, and I don't want to give her a migraine too. We take the same meds and I love her clothes.

    Is anyone in the production line of Moncler Jackets a Myalgia Mommie and would they be interested in sharing their favorite tip for being amazing with other Moms living the Dream?

    Happy Holidays,

    Thanks for keeping people warm,



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